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What is a design collective, and what does it do?

Beyond individual contracting scopes, Dot Foundry assists with full brand identity. It’s fuzzy, because every person defines it differently.

We hear it time and time again: “You just do the CSS and HTML, right?”

Sure we do that stuff! We’re among the best in Pittsburgh at actually executing playful, authentic web design.

But your company needs more than a nice coat of paint. You need a full brand vision, evocative design, and tools that keep your fans and customers engaged while teaching them what sets you apart. Let’s break down what branding is all about.

Brand vision 👀

Your company has something people need, but you’re stuck until you reach the people who need it. The market research behind your idea will guide you to them. But then what? It’s all about translating this idea into a recognizable and magnetic brand. That’s where brand vision shines.

Your brand is not just your logo. It’s an emotion, a promise, a statement to the world about what you stand for. It’s what gets people talking, sharing, and most importantly, getting connected with you. But how do you capture this essence?

Enter our dedicated team of visionaries. With a keen focus on user research, we tap into what your audience really wants. We understand their pain points, desires, and the gaps they need filled. This ensures that your brand not only stands out but resonates with the very soul of your target audience.

UI Design

A phenomenal User Interface (UI) is a blend of function and aesthetics. At its core, it’s about crafting experiences. And, while a visually appealing design can draw users in, it’s the user-focused approach that keeps them around.

Every element, every shade, every icon on your website or app serves a purpose. Our UI designs are the union of artistic expertise and a deep understanding of your user’s journey. We ensure that every interaction is intuitive, delightful, and reflective of your brand’s core values.

Web Development

Our web development magic starts with turning designs into live sites. We’re all about executing the design vision to the T. We don’t believe in the phrase “this can’t be done”. If we designed it, we’ll make it work.

You want a site that’s both stylish and blazingly fast? Check. Need it to be mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly? Double-check. We push the boundaries to ensure that your online presence is not just functional, but exceptional.

Custom Tools ⚙️

Every business has unique needs. That’s why we offer more than just off-the-shelf solutions. Our suite of custom-developed components and add-ons aren’t just fancy additions; they’re business game changers. Some of our favorite recent flexes include:

  • Custom Maps: Show your locations. Show your brand’s distribution. Use maps in ways you never thought possible!
  • Shipping and Payment Integrations: Streamline the process for you and your customers. Simple, secure, efficient.
  • APIs: Integrate with virtually any service, platform, or tool you can think of.
  • Custom Restaurant Menus: Showcase your culinary masterpieces in the style they deserve.
  • Embedded Legal Contracts: Seal the deal with embedded contracts, making processes smoother for everyone involved.
  • HTML Emails: Whether it’s a most popular brand marketing tool for existing CRM lists, or transactional email that actually matches your brand vision, it’s something we do well
  • Detailed Quote Selectors: Enable your customers to get accurate, detailed quotes with ease.
  • Or just full-on web applications:
LightTable, a custom app we built for Lumiknow LLC

These tools, combined with our expertise, ensure that your website or app is more than just a pretty face. It becomes a dynamic tool that can adapt, evolve, and grow as your business does.

Your online presence is more than just a checkbox. It’s the first impression of your brand, your values, and your promise to your customers.

Sure, we do CSS and HTML – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Choosing us means choosing a holistic approach. It’s about understanding your brand’s heart and translating it into an online experience that leaves a lasting impression.

So, the next time someone asks if we “just make stuff look nice”, we’ll simply smile and say, “Not quite!” And we’ll keep putting their brand in the right place in the right way to drive it forward.