Working together daily before striking out on their own, the founding members of our team remain the force behind major brands you see every day, propelling them to regional and national limelight.

When you partner with us, you’re tapping into a reservoir of expertise and passion that’s unmatched in the 'burgh. And since the team is all full-time freelance creatives, you’ll only team up with the members you need!

Benjamin Kostenbader

Benji is the founder of Monjibram, a polyglot web development company known for making and maintaining beautiful, complex websites. He’s managed projects with millions of views, millions of data points, and millions of perfectly-aligned pixels.

He’s a WordCamp US speaker and leader in the local WordPress and development communities. You may see him popping up at events ranging from UX to Data Science. If he doesn’t do it himself, he will probably recommend someone who does!

Web Developer
SEO Specialist
Project Manager
Dylan Devine

Dylan Devine is an independent motion and web designer. Before founding his own studio, he worked for nearly a decade as a designer at top agencies forging parallel practices in motion and web design. Now, his focus emphasizes the union between those two disciplines. Even when he’s not designing, he spends his time immersed in creative endeavors like painting miniatures and experimenting with 3D printing.

He’s primed to take on any project, but enjoys those with a focus on e-learning most. With a passion for exploring emerging technologies, like LottieFiles, he’ll ensure that your project is on the cutting-edge of integrating motion and web. He’ll try anything once – or however many times it takes to get it right.

Web Designer
UI Designer
Motion Designer
Graphic Designer
Ian George

Ian George is an illustrator and graphic designer who has worked with some of the most iconic brands in the Pittsburgh area. His experience includes creating visuals for websites, packaging, motion graphics and billboards.

Ian’s greatest strength is his flexibility and ability to pivot to whatever style best suits the client. When he’s not creating digital illustrations, he enjoys working in traditional mediums like charcoal.

Motion Designer
Graphic Designer
Bobby Baker

Bobby is the sole designer at Leagues, a studio that focuses on branding, identity, and package design. With years of experience in beer design, Bobby has laid out hundreds of beer labels that are compliant with TTB requirements, and has meticulous focus when it comes to file and print prep. His attention to form, geometry, and type will ensure the quality of your art.

With interests ranging from powerlifting to fly fishing, Bobby’s design aesthetic is inspired by an eclectic group of hobbies and inspirations. Whether it’s lo-fi or strictly corporate, he will assist in creating the brand you’re looking for. He’s always happy to try something new, have a beer, or talk about the myriad of metal sub genres.

Branding Specialist
Package Designer
Graphic Designer
Haillie Willoughby

Haillie Willoughby is a web developer and Hack Reactor grad with experience in visual design and database system architecture. She’s able to pick up any framework, but specializes in React and MERN stacks. She loves finding technological solutions that go above and beyond expectations.

She has a passion for exploring diverse areas within her field, but she’s also dedicated to personal growth beyond her professional pursuits. That includes honing her roller skate skills.

Web Developer
Grace Lee

Grace Lee is a User Experience Designer with a journalism and multi-media design background. She aims to bridge the gap between services, products, and users. She identifies user needs and makes design decisions based on research evidence, by interviewing users and analyzing usability problems, creating intuitive and user-friendly products.

She has experience collaborating with commercial entities, local governments, and NGOs. Her designs improve information efficiency and user satisfaction. She’s great at discovering the “wow” in your products and making them shine.

UX Designer
UX Researcher
Product Designer

When our powers combine

We're a collective because we love working together. We add the greatest value when we're collaborating.